Xiaomi Patents Foldable Phone

CNIPA published a patent for Xiaomi foldable phone for a smartphone design. There’s bunch of patents for smartphones in various form factors including foldable ones, and clamshell designs. The foldable smartphone design looks a lot like Huawei’s Mate X foldable smartphone. Patent drawings slightly enhanced by LetsGoDigital show a device with a display that folds outwards, and features a bar where the phone is meant to be held. Not only is this the thickest component of the smartphone, but this bar also houses the device’s four cameras. There is no dedicated selfie camera(s), so these cameras will be used for closeups as well.

If Xiaomi released a folding phone that could compete with the Mate Xs and the Galaxy Fold, there’d be another (possibly cheaper) alternative that will surely come with Google Play Services. Xiaomi has yet to release any folding smartphone to this day but based on the patent drawings we’ve seen, it is eager to do so.

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