News Xiaomi Phones Based on Snapdragon 888

Xiaomi has taken seriously the new flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC. At first, right during the SoC announcement, the head of the company Lei Jun confirmed the use of Snapdragon 888 in the Mi 11. Then the head of the Redmi brand, Lu Weibing, announced the preparation of a Redmi phone based on Snapdragon 888. Apparently, such a device will be the Redmi K40 Pro. And now there are details about the third model.

According to a well-known and well-informed in the affairs of Chinese smartphone manufacturers, an insider under the nickname Digital Chat Station, Black Shark is already preparing to release a model codenamed “Emperor” based on Snapdragon 888. Its feature will be the design of the smartphone itself and the charging.

He also assures that the flagship Redmi on Snapdragon 888 will be released much earlier than the Redmi K30 Pro and K30 Pro Zoom, built on Snapdragon 865. Those, we recall, debuted on March 24 this year. If the new model comes out “much earlier”, then its announcement can be expected in January, at the latest in February. That is why the insider does not recommend buying flagship smartphones now – there is simply no point in this, it is better to wait a couple of months before new products on Snapdragon 888 appear on sale.

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